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Vivekanand Hospital & Fertility Centre
Superspeciality medical centre dedicated to the treatment of infertility
"More than 20,000 treated couples"

ABOUT Vivekanand Fertility

Infertility is a perplexing human and social problem. The incidence of infertility varies from 8-10 percent of all married couples.
In society many a times blame is put on female partner only, while scientific evidence says that Man & Woman are equally responsible for infertility.
The aim of setting up Vivekanand Hospital & Fertility Centre is to help infertile couples in achieving conception through modern diagnostic and treatment methods. We Provide advance infertility treatment methods like IUI, IVF and ICSI at very reasonable cost. The smiles on our thousands of patients is testimony of our credentials.
Pregnancy can be achieved in 80-90 percent couples by modern treatment methods.

Ethics Committee

All the procedures carried out in the centre are reviewed / scrutinised by ethics committee. This committee comprises of Senior Doctors, Lawyers, Social Workers etc.


Accommodation at reasonable rates can be arranged for outstation couples, provided they inform the hospital well in advance. Kindly contact hospital reception at 0141 - 2360125 for details or email us at drnarendra12@gmail.com


Treatment depends upon the etiology discovered. If any cause could not be found further investigations are done to find out the cause. Main treatment Methods are as follows:-
In most of the cases success can be achieved. The requisite is to get the treatment regularly.

Our Mission

Infertility or childlessness is a perplexing human and social problem. Couples often run from pillar to post in search of treatment and end up frustrated. Vivekanand Hospital and Fertility Center was established in 1990 to help couples achieve their dream of parenthood in minimum possible time and cost.
Vivekanand Fertility has a highly dynamic and qualified team of Gynecologists, Andrologists and Embryologists along with state of the art most advanced Embryology Lab. Over a period, this center has emerged as one of the best IVF center in India. More than 10000 couples from India and abroad have benefitted from its services. Compassionate Care and Ethical Treatment is the sole motto of our medical team.